Hours & Location

1000 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37206

open 7 days a week, 365 days a year

noon - 3am

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We spin a wide-variety of vinyl every single night starting at 10pm. DJs include regulars with stellar record collections, local musicians, touring bands, and obsessive record collectors. Special guests pop in all the time, so it's always interesting…

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"The bar scene in East Nashville’s continually bustling Five Points neighborhood didn’t know what it was missing before Duke’s sprang up earlier this year [2015]. The straight-up little bar offers sandwiches that are better than you’d expect, drinks that are cheaper than you’d expect, and tunes that are … well, seeing as how the place is owned and operated by local rock ’n’ rollers, the psych, punk and soul jams they pump out ’round the clock are as good as you’d expect."

Nashville Scene

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